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Communicate plans for Section Translation enablement with Bengali Wikipedia community
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Bengali Wikipedia editors participated in previous research about Section Translation with positive results, and we want to enable an initial version of the tool in their wiki. This will allow users to experience how the tool works in a realistic environment without the limitations of the test instance and provide early feedback.

We want to proceed only if there are no major blockers from the community. This ticket is for communicating with the Bengali Wikipedia community in order to share information about Section translation, what will be available in the first version and inviting editors to share their feedback.

Help needed form Community Specialists

  • Communication plan review. Provide feedback about what, where and when to communicate.
  • Help monitoring the conversation and feedback process.

Time frame
We were aiming to start this process during mid-January.

Task RemarkStatus
- Provide feedback about what to communicatedone
-Where to communicate: Bengali Wikipedia Village pumb and also in prolific content translators' talk pagesThe announcement was in two languages in a column format and a member of the community removed the English version leaving the Bengali version.done
-monitoring the conversation and feedback processAspect to monitor: Number of views to Content/Section translation project/talk pages, Replies to the announcement.Posts in Section Translation talk page. There have been great feedbacks so far in the Bengali Wikipedia Village pump, including suggestions that the team had to look into and a better solution was proffered to mitigate the community's concern.In progress
- Deployment announcement of SXThe announcement is scheduled for the 25th of February in Bengali Wikipedia Village pump and on talk pages of prolific users.Done

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