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ExternalLinksChange Event Platform Migration
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Unless otherwise notified, client IP and consequently geocoded data will no longer be collected for this event data after this migration. Please let us know if this should continue to be captured. See also T262626.

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Hi @Samwalton9, let us know if this schema needs client IP and/or geocoded data? If not, it will be removed as part of this migration.

Also, do you know what produces these events? I'm assuming its a MW extension somewhere?

Actually, @Samwalton9, this schema hasn't had any events in at least the last 90 days. Are you sure we need to migrate this? Can we just disable it instead?

@Ottomata Is this schema what defines the page-links-change EventStream? That stream appears to be functional and sending data. If not, could you elaborate on what this is?

Huh - I assumed these two things were linked. In that case I'm not sure this has ever been used by us and can be removed.