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Add Extension:UsageStatistics on ru.wikiversity
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Author: tac

Please, add Extension:UsageStatistics in

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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  1. Please provide a link to community consensus regarding this.
  2. This extension cannot be installed unless it's reviwed by a dev lead and approved to run on Wikimedia servers. From the pathetic installation instructions on its description ("copy MediaWiki:Common.js, do this, don't do that") it can be easily deduced that it will fail such review.
  3. We cannot use either of its dependencies: Extension:Gnuplot has known security holes, Google Charts is prohibited by our security policy(?).

tac wrote:

It is refusal? Then what for ask the community consent?

Yes, this is a refusal. ALL such requests are fulfilled with community approval only. And mind the technical problems I mentioned.