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Team review to replace MobileFrontend Nearby with Extension:NearbyPages
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@nray @phuedx @Jdrewniak @Volker_E @polishdeveloper as one of my goals this year I have making reading web software more manageable.

FYI I’ve scheduled a security review for NearbyPages so I can put it in the beta cluster and eventually production. T269291: Security Readiness Review For Extension:NearbyPages.

I think the Vue version will be a lot easier to maintain than the status quo. Please consider this me reaching out to you to see if you agree. If so, I will push ahead with design review, and doing all the necessaries to deprecate Nearby and associated from MobileFrontend.

Note on the longer term, the plan would be to use wvui here once the library supports the components it needs.

Let me know if you need any help installing

I would like the team to become familiar with this code and point out ways that it can be improved. We should also decide whether using wvui in it should be a blocker for deployment.

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This happened today.