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Make SecurePoll log data downloadable as a CSV or WikiText
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Following T271275: Log when admins are added to or removed from SecurePoll elections and T271276: Log when admins access voter data in SecurePoll, make the log data downloadable.

@jrbs @drochford @Niharika Will this still be needed once we have a filterable Special:SecurePollLog page?

@Prtksxna Do you think this feature would belong on the log page or somewhere else?

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Wouldn't it be better using json or similar?

CSV can be a PITA.. Wikitext is a pain if people want to do something further with it..

My only concern with JSON-only is that it limits the interaction to JSON proficient folk. @Tchanders I'd be happy with WikiText in the V1 Overhaul. We could add CSV/JSON support to

I don't quite understand how "Wikitext" is a useful output format of this sort of thing. It's not easy to parse, about the only useful thing is you could probably dump it on another wikipage and have it possibly nicely formatted.

We don't have a "wikitext export" of for example. The only export is what the MW API will output...

Doing an API module would probably make more sense, as you would get json/xml/php etc for "free"

What is the actual use case of this? It sounds like it's to do some sort of audit-ing.. so a machine readable format probably makes more sense. Having to remove wikilinks (as well as losing context in terms of urls) etc isn't helpful - [[User:Foo|Foo]] is less useful than <a href="http://sub.domain.tld/wiki/User:Foo>Foo</a> for example.

Do we "care" if people aren't necessarily JSON proficient (FWIW, I don't think there's really such a thing. Even those of us that use it quite a lot mess up the syntax regularly).

Certainly in MW circles, people working with JSON and XML is pretty common.

@drochford My recollection is that you need the log download in case you would like to perform search/filtering on the log records. If that's correct, I think we could allow for a CSV download right now and support any formats later, if needed.

@Tchanders When I chatted with David about adding filters to the logs page, he indicated that a download would suffice as there is not a big use case for filtering most of the time. @drochford please correct me if I'm wrong.

Download capability can move to as we're implementing filtering on Wiki which suffices for our needs in this iteration.

From the description

@Prtksxna Do you think this feature would belong on the log page or somewhere else?

Yep, I think we can use the subtitle space to show the download link(s)

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Declined as per conversation in meeting, since the log page will be fully filterable: T271279