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Story idea for Blog: 2020: A year in Vue
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It's been nearly a year since the Front-end Architecture Working Group proposed using Vue.js for front-end development within MediaWiki. In this post, the Structured Data team will review their experience using Vue.js in 2020 to build two projects. We'll review the decisions we made, paradigms we followed, the ways in which using Vue benefited us and could benefit others, and what we're looking forward to in the future.

Something I learned | Something that worked well, maybe Big Picture

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MediaWiki developers interested in using Vue.js, technical team members interested in learning about how Vue can benefit their team

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No, but we'd like to get it out relatively soon

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Not at the moment!

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@AnneT This sounds like a great post! I agree we should get it posted soon (since 2020 is now in the rearview mirror).

Do you have a link to the working draft o your post? I can take a look and suggest edits.

Hi @srodlund – here's a draft of the post; Anne and I are sharing a byline on it. This link should work for anyone at the Foundation):

We tried to strike a balance between generally accessible and technically detailed (esp. since the technical details may be of interest to many right now). Would love your thoughts.

Thanks @egardner (sorry about the delay). I will take a look at this and provide some suggestions and copyedits.

@egardner I requested edit access for the doc if you can please grant it to me. I only suggest edits and leave comments, so you will be able to review and accept them.

Hey @srodlund, I just granted you edit access. Thanks for your review!

Thanks! I took a look, and (what a delight!) this was really well written with only some tiny grammar issues. Great work on this! I made a couple of suggestions -- if you can accept them. Then I can move this over to the blog to prepare for publication.

I'll be out January 18,19,20 -- so I plan on publishing this on Thursday 21 or Friday 22. Let me know if this works for you.

@srodlund thanks, glad to hear it! I accepted your changes. I don't know if the blog supports footnotes but I found a few passages that may be best handled that way. That would be my final edit here.

If we can do that, I can edit to indicate in a plain-text way what should be footnoted ( [1]: etc).

We don't have a plugin for footnotes, but I'm pretty confident I can do them manually with anchors.

Go ahead and indicate where you want them, and I should be able to add them to the post. :-)

Thanks again @srodlund! I'm happy for this to go out next week as you mentioned.

For the byline, please list Eric first as he wrote more of the post than I did.

I've indicated which sections can be treated as footnotes. This is all good to go as far as I'm concerned. Excited to see this on the blog!

Also, posts in the tech blog all have a main feature image at the top? Is this something you want to pick? I can choose something if not. Here are the image guidelines:

@egardner and @AnneT I just published this

Can you take a look and let me know if there are any errors or formatting issues? In particular, I want to make sure the headers are nested correctly -- sometimes these can get a little messed up when moving from Gdocs to Wordpress.

If/When it looks good, I'll send out a tweet!

@srodlund sorry, I just realized this morning that we never got back to you on a lead image - the one you chose looks good!

I noticed that my last name has an extra "h" in the byline (it should be spelled Tomasevich). Other than that, all the formatting looks good to me. Thanks for getting this out there! 🎉

Looks great to me (apart from the typo that Anne already mentioned). And good choice of an image too (although I guess you could have also gone with one of those fluffy cats, lol). Thanks so much!

Ah! Yay! I fixed the "h"! Sorry about that! I'll share this out now!

Thanks for creating such a great post!