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Cropping of Infobox text in pdf files
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this problem of cropping of text within Infoboxes in pdf files, is appearing in many articles. as example :

Steps to reproduce :

browser is Chrome (mobile)

  1. navigate to,_Princess_Royal and press "download PDF icon".
  1. select paper size "ISO A1".
  1. save PDF file

Actual results :

viewing PDF, result is cropping (truncating) of "spouses" text within the articles infobox.

Expected results :

there should be word wrapping of text in the pdf Infoboxes.

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Hi @Gfigs, thanks for taking the time to report this!

navigate to,_Princess_Royal and press "download as PDF".

I cannot find any "Download as PDF" on that (mobile) page. Is this maybe something provided somewhere by your browser instead?

Anyway, the problem is unrelated to printing - you can see the same problem on a narrow screen:

This needs to be fixed in the Infobox template on English Wikipedia. User scripts, gadgets, templates, custom CSS are local on-wiki content. Local content is managed independently on each wiki, by each wiki community themselves. Please bring this up on that wiki, e.g. on . Hence I am closing this task here - thanks for your understanding!

apologies, link I gave was for mobile, hence should be the download Pdf icon..

@Aklapper apologies for editing..could this not go here ? .although, this may also be a display problem on desktop ?

Yes (or whatever module or template is used on that wiki page).