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Drawio don't show font in MediaWiki
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I installed DrawIo in my MediaWiki and want to creat a drawing.

Following issue is happend:

I edit the soruce code of my wiki page with {{#drawio:XY}} and save the page.
Now i can open the drawio editor without issues.
I can also draw with them and editing everything i want.

But if i want to create something with font and i save it after creating, the font doesent exist in the normal user view...
If i reopen the editor I see the font...

This is what i see in the editor:

This is what I see on the website after saving:

Any Idea?

Version: 14.1.8.

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Reedy renamed this task from Drawio don't show font in mediaWiki to Drawio don't show font in MediaWiki.Jan 6 2021, 9:00 PM

Can you tell which browser you are using? Are there any plugins like Adblockers installed?

Osnard raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.

@Juju-bln: Could you please answer the last comment? Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem in Chrome, Edge and Firefox. No diagram text is rendered.

The fix by @Peesc works, however it also requires you to add '' to $validNamespaces in includes/upload/UploadBase.php.