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Archive the WikiLexicalData extension
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There has been no active development in at least 3 years, most of the changes seem to be i18n (which is a waste of translators time), and various people trying to improve the pile of Technical-Debt that is this extension

Lots of tasks on MediaWiki-extensions-WikiLexicalData-or-OmegaWiki, but again, the activity is not active work, just attempts to drag the code up to date

To-do list

  • This task
    • Add maintainers of that extension/skin as subscribers to this task (if they have no apparent Phabricator account, notify them on-wiki or via email if possible and note it here).
    • Add Phabricator project <#ProjectX> as a tag for this task, and remove MediaWiki-extensions-Other/Other-skins as appropriate.
  • On-wiki documentation
    • Archive documentation on (provide URL): replace page contents with {{Archived extension|last revision id before archiving|task=T######}} (for extensions)/{{Archived skin|last revision|task=T######}} (for skins); replace T###### with this task's number.
    • If documentation page was translatable, remove <translate>, visit Special:PageTranslation, and click "remove from translation" (if you don't have the translation administrator right, ask a user who does).
    • Update Wikidata item (provide URL) associated with documentation page
      • add statement Abandonware (Q281039) to instance of (P31) together with qualifier start time (P580) = the YYYY-MM-DD date that you decided to archive extension/skin (generally per edit history)
      • add qualifier end time (P582) = the YYYY-MM-DD (same date as above) to instance of (P31) = MediaWiki extension (Q6805426)/MediaWiki skin (Q21996535)
  • Phabricator
    • Mark all Phabricator tasks for the extension/skin either Declined or Invalid. Add a comment pointing to this task when doing so for reference.
    • Archive Phabricator project <#ProjectX> for the extension/skin.
    • Edit Phabricator project <#ProjectX> description for the extension/skin with a link to this ticket.
  • Configuration/tests/integrations/etc.
  • Repositories
    • Empty repository, leaving only the README indicating the repo is archived, and referring to this task by URL.
    • Remove from mediawiki/extensions / mediawiki/skins (along with in .gitmodules).
    • Mark the repository read-only in Gerrit (also edit description to prepend "[ARCHIVED]" and a reference to this task): (provide Gerrit Repository URL).
    • Archive the Diffusion repository for the extension/skin: (provide the Diffusion repository callsign or URL).
    • Delete the GitHub mirror: (provide GitHub repository URL).

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