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In many cases marine cities or small marine nations are used as "home port" or "port of registry": counts 20.8k such cases.

  • Q3141 Melbourne instead of Q2038062 Port of Melbourne
  • Q4450503 Tallinn City instead of Q11133776 Tallinn Passenger Port aka Tallinn’s Old City Harbour.
  • Q3306 Panama City instead of Q6092230 Puerto de Balboa
  • Singapore instead of an appropriate port in that country

Eg Panama City is often used as a port. Query selects the city plus all ports in Panama, and shows them on a map. 4 of the ports are at the entry and exit of the Panama Canal, and Panama City is distinct from them, and is not a port. Therefore it's incorrect to say that the port of a ship is Panama City.

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There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Add the type "Port" to all cities or small countries that are home or registry port of some ships (at least 10)
  2. Change the ship to point to the correct port, but that is hard to impossible:
    • shows that very few Panama ports know their admin location
    • It'll take human examination to pick the right port, eg
      • There are 2 ports close to Panama City, but the correct one is Q6092230 Puerto de Balboa (the other one is a US base)
      • Q980219 Port of Tallinn is a *company* that manages five constituent ports, and two of them are in Tallinn. It takes human intelligence to figure out that the first one below is more appropriate as home port of (big) ships:
        • Tallinn Passenger Port / Old City Harbour (Vanasadam) – the main passenger harbour in Estonia; located in the centre of Tallinn; one of the busiest passenger ports of the Baltic Sea
        • Paljassaare Harbour – a small cargo harbour a few kilometres northwest of Tallinn city centre in Paljassaare

Therefore I tend towards solution 1.
Do you agree?

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There are 401 entity types used as port, but not declared "port" Top 20 (the count is by number of uses as port):

  • 10543 city
  • 10249 big city
  • 7898 capital
  • 4698 port settlement <<<< but not a port?
  • 4040 city with millions of inhabitants
  • 1813 town
  • 1346 urban municipality of Germany
  • 1232 metropolitan area
  • 1218 Hanseatic city
  • 1209 border town
  • 1116 commune of France
  • 1113 local council of Malta
  • 1089 city-state
  • 1088 administrative territorial entity
  • 933 college town
  • 784 special administrative region of China
  • 739 sovereign state
  • 731 country
  • 728 island nation
  • 706 metropolis
  • 695 independent city of Germany
  • 690 human settlement
  • 608 populated place in the Netherlands
  • 608 community
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This is a data modeling issue and not WDQS related, so I'm removing the WDQS tag.

This seems like something that needs to be sorted out on-wiki. Is there anything you need from the dev team?