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Not possible to search for a sense when adding a statement
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As an editor I want to link to a Sense in another Lexeme by searching for it's Lemma in order to record synonyms and other data like it.

Adding a value that is another Sense requires you to enter the ID of the Sense. Entering the Lemma only returns "No match found".

for the sense on Geige (de), start adding a sense statement, select the "synonym" property and then type "Violine". I would expect to find Violine (de), but instead it says "No match was found".

Current behavior:

Example of desired behavior:

GIVEN a Lexeme
WHEN making a new statement that links to a Sense
THEN the corresponding Sense can be found based on its ID as well as the Lemma of its Lexeme

Acceptance criteria:

  • it is possible to find a Sense based on its Lexeme's Lemma
  • it remains possible to find a Sense value based on its full ID