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Axios data request: 2001-2021
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Axios is building a historical graphic to commemorate the anniversary and they would like to show our growth numbers starting from 2001 to 2021 (# of readers, edit rate, or article growth rate). Any other historical data also welcomed.


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Assuming this is about Product-Analytics, thus adding projcet tag. This will allow others to get notified, or see this task when searching via projects.

@Cdesoto705 Thanks for submitting a ticket. The Product Analytics will review and prioritize this request during our next board review meeting tomorrow 12 January 2021.

Stats for article counts, editors and edits 2001-2018:

Other interesting data:
Cumulative per Wiki stats 2001-2018:

Pageview data through Wikistats starts at 2008

Still looking for Pageview data for 2001-2007, will post here when located.

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