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Configuring Kartographer for external tileserver wrongly inserts "osm-intl" into URL
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I'm having trouble of configuring Kartographer with an external tile server. I would like the openstreetmap one:${z}/${x}/${y}.png

So my idea was to configure Kartographer like:

wfLoadExtension( 'Kartographer' );
$wgKartographerMapServer = '';
$wgKartographerStyles = [''];

But this does not work. Kartographer makes the following requests:

(which is not working HTTP 404) while I want him to make this request:

Is this possible with the current configuration options?

Thank you for your help

PS: I think this is not a bug report, it is either a feature improvement (if it is not possible to make this configuration currently) or a demand for more detailed documentation. Hope this it the right place to report!

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In addition, what is the setting for wgKartographerDfltStyle?

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thank you for the quick replay! This is not set. I didn't know it was existing. I was aware only of the configurations detailed here:

I tried to set it like:

$wgKartographerDfltStyle = '';

But this also does not work.

Oh, I think I found a related issue:

this might be redundant then! I leave it up to you!

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