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Get an architecture / services review of planned changes to Maps stack
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As part of the T263854, the Maps team in Product Infrastructure has developed a plan to upgrade the Maps infrastructure to address the requirements of improved service consistency and reduced maintenance costs. Given SRE is one of the stakeholders in this project and will be involved in service monitoring and support, the updated plans would need to go through a review. @wkandek recommended that @Joe and @akosiaris review the architecture and kubernetes pieces of the plan respectively.

Relatedly, these plans will also go through the new Technical Decision Making Process once that process is booted up.

This is a placeholder task for @MSantos and @Jgiannelos to take this forward and create any necessary sub-tasks appropriately.

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For posterity's and transparency's sake, serviceops has read the various docs, reached out to other SRE teams regarding some questions revolving around using Swift for vector tile storage cache and edge caching, aggregated those and provided them.

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