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Bug: deleteArchivedRevisions.php does not remove rows in `content` and `text` tables
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I tried to use deleteArchivedRevisions.php

To test how it worked, I created new page, make several revisions. Then I deleted the page.

Then I run php deleteArchivedRevisions.php --delete

The table archive became empty.
But the tables content and text were not modified. This is actual behavior.

Expected behavior: rows in tables content and text which corresponds to deleted page should be removed.

I tried other different scenarios, but I was not able to get content and text tables trimmed.

It looks like the file deleteArchivedRevisions.php ( is outdated after introducing "Multi-Content Revisions/Content Meta-Data" described at

I also asked question at

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The maintenance script is calling Maintenance::purgeRedundantText which deletes from text if the text is unused.

But no scripts deletes from slots and content