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CentralAuth: give links to secure server when logged-in into the secure server
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Logged in into the secure server. If you access Special:CentralAuth the links that appears on the table points to the "non-secure" server. Please make that if you are logged in into the secure server the links given in that table also points to the secure server in those projects. See URL.

Thank you in advance.

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Seems to have been fixed meanwhile. Marking as RESOLVED.

Reopening. Not fixed.

Please see

Please note that when the old server was used I imported a script so all links pointed to secure.wikimedia when you were logged in that server.


I fixed the new https in r104337 (should have mentioned that).

For the old secure server, indeed on e.g. they point to the normal http server. I didn't see that an on-wiki script was used to change the links dynamically.

We might close this bug as I assume the server will be phased out in the future.