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Migration strategy from DOMDocument to Dodo
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Come up with a migration strategy from DOMDocument to Dodo.

Ideally we'd be able to subclass the DOMDocument so that a Dodo document could be passed around transparently. But in actual practice native classes (DOMDocument is a C binding of a libxml object) don't really play nicely that way.

Especially for generic libraries, but also for code during a transition period, it would be better to allow use of "any" standards-compliant DOM library. (But note that there are specific PHP bugs in the library that you might need to be compatible with, so there might be a "quirks mode" you'd have to put Dodo into to make this work.)

So do we:

  1. Declare all types as unions, eg no PHP type hinting and tell phan everything is a \DOMElement|\Wikimedia\Dodo\Element
  2. Use typedefs eg class_alias ( I don't know if this lets you overwrite "built-in" classes like \DOMDocument so you'd probably have to update all your types in your library to (say) \GenericDOM\Document and then each DOM library would provide a set of class_alias statements to let you use their library. But you still couldn't interoperate between libraries (maybe that's ok).
  3. Define an interface superclass (like \GenericDOM\Document). Maybe convince upstream that \DOMDocument should extend this same superclass.
  4. Strip all PHP type hints, and just lie to phan about what types you're using. Eg tell phan that you're always using \DOMDocument even though you might be passing a Dodo document, or vice versa.

This isn't a blocking task until we start running Parsoid with Dodo -- and maybe not even then, we can always do some evil hack just for Parsoid. But we should have a reasonable strategy implemented here before starting to port other parts of the WMF codebase to Dodo.