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Add app version number to footer
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We should add the current version number to the footer so that it's obvious to users what version is in use, for easier testing and reporting.

This can be done easily with the Twig function provided by the ToolforgeBundle.

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ifried added a subscriber: ifried.Wed, Jan 13, 4:11 PM

Thanks for doing this, @Samwilson! How many points should we mark this as?

Samwilson set the point value for this task to 1.Thu, Jan 14, 12:17 AM
Samwilson added a subscriber: dmaza.

Just a single point, I think. And the above patch has been merged, but @dmaza and I were talking about how it doesn't make the correct link on the test site (where we're not running a released version, but rather the latest code, which is only identified by a Git hash). This is not a huge problem, it's what's already being done on e.g. SVG Translate Tool, but we should improve the ToolforgeBundle's handling of this and perhaps introduce a new {{version_link()}} method that is clever enough to link to the correct place all the time. That should probably be a separate ticket I guess.

dom_walden added a subscriber: dom_walden.

The WSExport version is now included in the footer of the wsexport tool, just below the submit button.