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Topic feed on app homepage
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As part of the engagement experiment, provide users with an option to view a list of topics on the homepage to choose from as a way to discover content.


Feed will have a list of 7 topics.
Topics will be based on the top read categories of content in India.
Within each topic, there will be 5 articles a day.
Articles will be available in English on the English version in the app and Hindi in the Hindi app view.

Topics are:

  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • People
  • Science
  • Culture
  • Places
  • Society
Design Details
Home screenTopic screenArticle list
Home screen HindiTopic screen HindiArticle list Hindi
  • By default search bar is highlighted.
  • Expand all 6 topics when a user presses the down key on D-PAD.
  • SELECT softkey becomes available when the topic card is highlighted.
  • By default "Entertainment" card is highlighted.
  • Scroll up/down/left/right to view the cards. Users can use all keys on D-PAD to achieve this.
  • For up/down movement, apply the scrolling behavior currently being used to scroll up/down the search results.
  • Selection of any topic would open a screen with 5 articles.
  • Bring back the control on the home screen when a user aims to select the search bar while viewing topics or articles inside them. (Attached reference .gif)
  • Physical back key would bring back the control on the previous screen. E.g., Bring back the control on a topic if a user reads an article from it and press the back key.
  • Topics cover image would be the thumbnail of the very first article. E.g., If People's topic has Barak Obama as a first article, then use its thumbnail for the Topic's cover image. Also topics cover image gets updated whenever associated articles under it get refreshed.

Note: Visual look and feel of design could look a bit different based on the testing during the development phase.


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Updated one more topic, which we decided to include in the experiment. Now the total number of topics is 7.

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As of today, the branch T271910-topics-feed has the following UI in this Pull Request.

  1. Basic topic block UI (two topics in one row)
  2. Navigate Right/Left/Up/Down through the setNavigation logic

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We are no longer planning to have a curated topics treatment in this experiment.