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Allow full article to be read within Wikipedia Preview
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One of the hypotheses we had was that a Wikipedia Preview partner would prefer for their readers to stay within their content when looking at Previews, as opposed to being directed out. We have began to hear this request from partners.


Design WP experience on mobile that allows a user to scroll and read the whole Wikipedia article

Active previewExpanded previewInteraction
Design details
  • Tap on a highlighted word to fire up the preview.
  • Show basic summary along with images available.
  • Allow horizontal scroll to images.
  • Tap on an image would open up the image inside media viewer.
  • Swipe up to see more content in preview.
  • Allow vertical scrolling to browse the entire or part of an article. Freeze the preview header while vertical scrolling is in action.

Note: Above designs were created during hackathon week. They would require some improvements before we start coding them.