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Allow IPA as input for TTS and for editing lexicon
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To generate review for a user who edits the lexicon, Speechoid needs to accept IPA (this is what the user enters) as input. Same goes for when an entry is added or modified. It looks like only SAMPA works currently.

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@HaraldBerthelsen, this could be split into two separate tasks if that makes more sense. Not sure how related these two additions in the code.

Test version available in git - allows ipa in ssml input

We have updated to the new version now, but I don't know what the input should look like. Can you give an example? It would also be good to add one to the server documentation.

There are now test examples in templates/test.html, of ssml with ipa, and of the new "ipa" input type.
To check which ipa symbols are allowed for a certain language: http://localhost:8771/symbolset/content/sv-se_ws-sampa (the url to the symbolset mapper)

Example call with ipa input format:

A call with a symbol that the mapper doesn't know about:
Returns the error message:
ERROR: failed mapping transcription : found unknown phonemes in transcription /ˈla.ˈviː.ta.ˈe.ˈbɛ.laX/: [X]

Please test and see if these two additions do what you need!

I've ran some initial tests and it seems to work well. This should be all we need at the moment. Thanks!