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byteoffset of action=parse is broken when manually specifying headers using <h1> syntax
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The byteoffsets of the page [[de:Wikipedia:Testseite]] are all the same and at the end of the wikipage (see url).

That is useless. Is there a way to get the right byteoffsets?


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It appears to stop giving correct byte offsets after encountering the first header made using <h1> (or h2, h3, etc) syntax instead of the normal ==header== syntax.

Yes, it seems to have trouble with the fact that the page uses an <h2> followed by a =header= .

Changing component to Page Rendering/Parsing

The api isn't at fault here, its only displaying what the parser output says there is

It's sort of API, in that this feature in the parser seems to have been added solely to support returning this information in the API.

Odd that "byteoffset" is actually the offset in Unicode codepoints.

The problem is that the code pulls out all the <h#> tags from the parsed HTML, but uses the parsed-to-DOM representation of the original wikitext to try to calculate the byteoffset. This parsed-to-DOM representation, however, doesn't include DOM structure for any raw <h#> tags from the original wikitext, so when it tries to find the DOM node for one of those it searches to the end of the wikitext without finding it. Which also screws up all subsequent headers.

Roan, it looks like you added this back in 2009, any ideas here? Otherwise I'll just put together a patch that skips trying to calculate byteoffset when $sectionIndex === false.

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Change 88750 had a related patch set uploaded by Anomie:
Handle raw <h#> when calculating $rawtoc

Change 88750 merged by jenkins-bot:
Handle raw <h#> when calculating $rawtoc