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Would automatic and mandatory timestamp break workflows for MassMessage?
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Ask around and report back.

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Wrote to a number of people on Meta who have used the tool in recent months, pinged Legoktm as a MassMessage developer and emailed the wikitech-ambassadors-list.

I am using MassMessage about 25 times a year for sending out the This Month in GLAM and This Month in Education newsletters, as well as sometimes a different message. With each message sent out I add a timestamp myself.

I am puzzling what an "automatic and mandatory timestamp" means in practise. If this means that the MassMessage system is deciding (for all MassMessage messages) where the timestamp is added, yes that is a problem. With both newsletters the timestamp is not the absolute last part of the code that is sent out. So yes, I want to be able to decide where the timestamp is added. (And no, I do not use the "Page to be sent as a message" function.)

See discussion in T270435 – we're not making this mandatory.