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Move "Magnus Sälgö" and "so9q" to top level projects
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I don't know enough context; adding WMSE for some input what "happened" and/or is expected here.

(For general project creation info, see . Also, if there are any questions, please feel always welcome to ask them on - thanks!)

In any case: None of these projects have a project description, so currently only one person knows for sure what these projects are about. :D
@Salgo60: Could you please fix that? Also see T706 which asks to stick to the guidelines for creating and renaming projects. Thanks in advance! :)

Magnus Sälgö is the user project of @Salgo60; so9q is the user project of @So9q. However they are incorrectly created as subprojects.

looks like you got to the bottom of this on the discussion page. Let me know if you need any WMSE input.

I archived so9q at and resolved its open tasks.

It's unclear to me if #Magnus_Sälgö should be moved out of WMSE or not, and renamed to #User-Magnus_Sälgö or not.

Could WMSE and Magnus comment on how to proceed? Thanks!

Hi. Yes Magnus Sälgö should be moved out of WMSE and renamed to #User-Magnus_Sälgö.
Additionally Magnus Sälgö-Riksarkivet-NAD should be moved out of WMSE and be made a subproject of #User-Magnus_Sälgö

ok for me I use GITHUB more and more. and the contact with WMSE is 0