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Result error: Incorrect display of the query result
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As an editor I want to query for data involving more than one condition, with property - 'instance of' and who are not human.


When we query to get the list of not human value by using the 'without' condition, the results shown are inaccurate.


GIVEN two visual queries
WHEN second condition has 'without' value
AND limit is checked
THEN I can get the result correctly

Acceptance criteria:

  • Show correct result when choosing the condition 'without human' value

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The without part is not implemented yet and that's why it's disabled. See T265238: (MS 4) negate query for implementation.

That's the toggle at the beginning you are talking about Amir, right? What Amy and I were testing was the "without" in the dropdown in the middle.

Ah, you're right. I see. let me check

Ha, I can't reproduce it

Maybe it got fixed?

I think, not 100% sure, is that the human you chose is not Q5.

That's a good hunch but it seems not :(

I can still reproduce it with this:

This is the sparql that's produced:

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel WHERE {
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE]". }
  ?item (p:P31/ps:P31/(wdt:P279*)) ?instance.
  FILTER(?instance != wd:Q5)
  ?item (p:P106/ps:P106/(wdt:P279*)) wd:Q2526255.
LIMIT 80 shows up in the results for example.

hmm, thanks.

Says "?instance" is item of entity, meaning that the filter is not working correctly. It goes through the ladder of P279 and removes the ones that have Q5 but Q5 itself has P279 to entity, etc.. The query builder for it should be adjusted but it's not trivial. I'll take a look.

Closing the ticket as it is solved!!