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Automatically add signature, date and time when using MassMasage
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Hello, I think that MassMessage should automatically use signature, date and time for DiscussionTools. When is there no signature, date and time, it is not possible to reply using Reply Tool (the part of DiscussionTools). It is a pity when I cannot reply to a message posted by MassMasage. This should be a big problem when Reply Tool will be available at all Wikimedia project.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Maybe @ppelberg @Esanders @Whatamidoing-WMF or @matmarex have something to say.

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Hi, see T98662 and/or T70513.

(Furthermore, I personally think that it makes a lot of sense not to be able to reply to MassMessages in hundreds of places, where the senders of a MassMessage will never see all those replies anyway. I personally believe that good MassMessages explain in which one single place readers could reply instead.)

The signature for Tech News is also being discussed here: T270435