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Clean Up Backlog Board
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There is a lot of stale tickets and cluster in the Backlog Workboard. We need to clean it up so we have a place to add more tickets as needed.

I have created four new columns for Revscoring, Wikilabel, ORES, Jade, and "needs more evaluation". The next task is to:

Loop through each ticket and:

  1. Evaluate if this ticket has any possibility of being active in the future.
  2. If not, close the ticket. If so, move it to one of the four columns mentioned above.
  3. If it doesn't fit in Revscoring, Jade, Wikilabel, ORES columns, put in the "needs more evaluation" column.

Event Timeline

ACraze added a subscriber: Ladsgroup.

@calbon The Backlog has been cleared out and stale tickets have been moved into the new columns. Many thanks to @Ladsgroup for running his bot and helping sort a bunch of the 'New development' and 'Monitoring' tasks.

ACraze moved this task from Review to Done on the Machine-Learning-Team (Active Tasks) board.