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Toolforge tool 'archive-things-4' using very high disk space
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Hello @Jc86035, the archive-things-4 tool is the top storage user at the moment and it is mostly the 106 GB /data/project/archive-things-4/tmp folder. The Toolforge NFS storage is a shared system, and to keep things performant and stable, we need to try to remain within reasonable limits. It seems like anything in a temp folder is likely stuff that can be cleaned up, but I wanted to leave that to you, since I'm not sure if the app is currently depending on what's in there.


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I'll try to reach out in other media tomorrow, but in the end we may need to just clean out that directory. We need to preserve the platform for everyone.

Thanks for sending the email. I turned off Phabricator notifications some time ago so I didn't see that this was happening. It should be fixed now, since I've removed the temporary files and removed the lines of code in which they were being saved to disk.