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WS Export: Only show export links on certain namespaces
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Background: We're currently showing the export links on all content namespaces, but this includes Page and Index namespaces (they're added by the ProofreadPage extension). It also includes Author, Portal, and (on some Wikisources) a 'Work' namespaces (e.g. Ligurian, Italian).

It'd probably be best to only show the export links in namespaces that contain single works, which is usually the main namespace.

It seems like it might be necessary to introduce per-wiki config to make this work, however.

[TODO: add details of which namespaces to include.]

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Only show export links in namespaces that contain single work

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I believe we want to display the export links only in namespaces where ProofreadPage allows the transclusion to happen and displays its navigation links.
For now it's only the main namespace but some Wikisource requested to be able to use it in other namespace (T53980).
Possible way to fix both problems at the same time is maybe create a per-wiki config inside of ProofreadPage and reuse it for the Wsexport link.

That's a good idea, although there's also the possibility of doing it the other way around and displaying the navigation links anywhere <pages /> is used regardless of namespace (and so not having a set list of namespaces in which it's permitted).

A list somewhere of "work" namespaces sounds necessary.