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Extract a list of the 200 most viewed black historical figures from WDQS
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As a memeber of the Brand Team, I would like to raise awareness around Black historical figures by adding portraits to pages that don't have them yet. I need a list of 200 most viewed pages about black historical figures that don't have an image depicting them. This data can probably be extracted from Wikidata Query Service.

  • English Wikipedia only for this request
  • "historical" == deceased


Due Date
Feb 5 2021, 12:00 AM

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cc @Miriam who might have some advice based on her work on the algorithm to find unillustrated articles.

HI @Gehel ! Are you looking at English Wikipedia only? Or all Wikis?
I can send you a list of QIDs for unillustrated enwiki pages which match the QIDs returned by a Wikidata query similar to this:

@Miriam, I'll check with Tas and post the response here

@Miriam this would be great indeed!
I think we can precise the query with (generalize the ethnicity and filter on Q5):

  ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q5 ;
        wdt:P172/wdt:P279* wd:Q817393 .

from Tas:

  • deliver list by Fri, 5 Feb
  • only English Wikipedia for this task
MPhamWMF set Due Date to Feb 5 2021, 12:00 AM.

also @Miriam both queries still return wikipedia pages that do have images

@Mstyles at what granularity do you need pageview counts? We can use the webrequest or pageview_hourly tables from Hive if we want to access pageviews in the last 3 motnhs, or the pageview API for data aggregated monthly, e.g.:

I joined the data from @dcausse 's query with our unillustrated article list for English Wikipedia, then queried the pageview API to get pageviews for December 2020, here you have the result:

Is this something similar to what you were looking for, @Mstyles, @Gehel @MPhamWMF ?

@Miriam. This ticket forgot to specify that "historical" here refers to individuals who are currently deceased. I will update it. Is it possible to also include the enwiki link in a column as well? Those two things aside, I think this looks pretty good to me. @CBogen ?

Hi @MPhamWMF, I modified the Wikidata query to include historical people only, and added the Wiki url - here is the result, let me know if this works!

Thanks, Miriam! This looks great! I'll send it on to Tas for final approval (can assume everything is done on your end unless I post otherwise here).

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