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"blocked: You have been blocked from editing."
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Trying to run the bot (attempted with Team17) results in the following error:

"Analysis error:
blocked: You have been blocked from editing."

I am not blocked on on enwiki or IABot ("Blocked: No").

This is not a duplicate of T265377, which concerns an apparent IP block.

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I have not been able to reproduce the bug. If there are additional steps for reproducing the bug I should be aware of, please let me know.

In the meantime, are you able to edit English Wikipedia normally? Your account isn't blocked but it is possible that you are using an IP address that is blocked, or autoblocked.

I commonly have "Add archives to all non-dead references (Optional)" activated. If you tested archiving Team17 without this, it will have not produced an error because no changes were made.

As for being blocked, I just sucessfully edited the article Epic Games, but then tried to archive it (with non-dead refs on) to no avail.

The issue seems to have resolved itself. I am able to use IABot again as of today.

Lordtobi triaged this task as Low priority.
Lordtobi raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.

Reopening as the issue is occurring again. I first observed it today trying to re-archive Robert A. Altman (with non-dead refs enabled). I was able to use the tool fine yesterday and nothing has changed about my account status. As before, an archive run that would make no difference does not return the issue (likely as no edit is attempted).

Comment. There is more info regarding this issue at T274050: I am blocked?.
I had this problem yesterday and then it went away. I'll report back if the error pops up again in my IABot account.
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