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TOC doesn't always scroll appropriately when scrolling through article
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From OTRS:;TicketID=11611813

Inconsistently-but-regularly reproducible on both an iPhone X and a (second edition) iPhone SE. Scroll through article, and TOC is sometimes not updated.

"best reproduce it with longer articles with a lot of sections. Donald trump is a good example and what I’ll do is I’ll start to scroll mid-article...check it once and then sporadically check the TOC position a bit more shifting around.
While it’s inconsistent in terms of sometimes it scales with the scroll and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s extremely consistent with the inconsistency itself, meaning if I pull up trump’s article, I may not get every section to work or not work, I’m still almost guaranteed to encounter at least a few sections not working within the bulk"

Consistent repro: "Actually if you open “Donald trump” and immediately scroll mid-article, my first attempt to dive into the TOC always sticks to the top rather than jumps down with you. So lmk if you can’t repro but that is a 100% repro for me over 12 slightly unique consecutive tries. "

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@MattCleinman, I have a much more succinct way to sum up this issue. If You go down enough in a longer article, the TOC will never scroll to keep up with your progress for the first attempt. All that matters to reproduce is if you proceed straight to a section beyond the break in the TOC

Example: Albert Einstein-scroll to 1921 travels abroad: it will work
Scroll straight away to the first subsection in scientific career and it will never register if you go there straight away

Hey @MattCleinman, did my latest comment allow for you to reproduce this consistently?

Yes, I'm able to reproduce with that. Thank you for those steps - it's very, very helpful. No guarantee on when we'll be able to address this bug, but it's on the list. Thanks again for the wonderful reproduction steps.

Thanks @MattCleinman understood it wasn’t a high priority and that’s ok!, but hopefully bug backlog means hopefully at some point this year (maybe during a bug fixing sprint) and not into an abyss of prob falling off forever 😬. But thank you for confirming!

@MattCleinman do you ever see an item like this being picked up or do items that fall into the backlog like this ultimately fall into the “we’re not gonna fix it” category

Nothing falls into the "we're not going to fix it" category if it stays open, but you're right that it's a lower priority right now. Ultimately the team balances new features and bug fixes, and for the next little while that means we're not focusing on smaller one-off bugs.

We're pretty excited about the release coming out with significantly enhanced notifications, and ultimately that's taking most of our efforts at the moment.

Thanks for checking in.

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