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Review the need for `Wikimedia-Extension-setup` or `Wikimedia-extension-review-queue` project
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We currently have two projects that seem to cover very close the same scope of works:

projectproject description
Wikimedia-Extension-setup"Requests for MediaWiki extensions to get newly installed or enabled on certain Wikimedia projects. Just like Wikimedia-Site-requests but more specific to extensions."
Wikimedia-extension-review-queue"This tag is for requesting code review for extensions to be deployed on Wikimedia wikis. It replaces the tracking task T33235: [DO NOT USE] Extensions awaiting code review to be deployed on Wikimedia wikis (tracking) [superseded by #wikimedia-extension-review-queue] How to request code review/what is the process for getting a new extension deployed to Wikimedia wikis? See:"

#Wikimedia-Extension-setup seems to duplicate the scope of #wikimedia-site-requests but isn't equally applied to extension requests and new installs is already covered by #Wikimedia-extension-review-queue