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Geographic coordinates in edit mode display at the righ side of the map instead of below it
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As a Wikidata editor I want to see map previews display geographic coordinates on the bottom of the map instead of at the right side of it.

When adding P625 statements while logged-in on Firefox, geographic coordinates display below the map in preview instead of on the right side of the map. Using multiple browsers including Firefox, this problem could not be reproduced by other users after installing the original issue reporter's scripts and gadgets.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Q15229609#P625
  2. Click to edit the value to preview how the coordinates will be displayed on the map

Geographic coordinates displayed below the map

Screenshot Wikidata geocoordinates edit (372×940 px, 115 KB)

Geographic coordinates displayed on the right side of the map

Capture_d%u2019écran_2021-01-14_à_14.20.00.png (564×1 px, 313 KB)

Acceptance criteria:

  • Geographic coordinates display below the map during preview of adding an P625 statement

Open questions:

  • Is this caused by a combination of specific gadgets or scripts?

See report on WD:DEV - Display of geographic coordinates in edit mode

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I am not able to reproduce this issue. Mohammed can you please specify specific gadget/script that required to get it reproduce?