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Update OOUI to match new Vue search UI & UX
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In T249299 we built a new search component using Vue.js (currently implemented in Vector as the main search in the site header). There are some differences between the new search component and the OOUI search component (used elsewhere on the site, e.g. Advanced search, Insert link, etc.). This task is for figuring out what our plan is in order to achieve (or at least increase) consistency between the new search component and the existing one.

Differences between the two search experiences

  • bolding of page titles in search results (additional context here)


Option A) replace all existing search components with the new one
Option B) update the existing search component to match the new one
Option C)

Event Timeline

@Volker_E this is a placeholder task that came from @Esanders pointing out a difference between our new search experience and what's in OOUI. I know you've already started thinking about this so please feel free to close or restructure as you see fit.

I note that the desktop search widget also expands the left padding when open to keep the query aligned with results (as discussed in T255603). I don't think that extends well to a generic widget where we don't know if there is space to do that animation. I think this lack of generalisability should factor in to the decision about whether we keep that feature.