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Better names for special pages in Pending Changes configuration
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The special pages associated with Pending Changes don't bear a great amount of resemblance to what they're for anymore. Here's what's in SVN now:
[[Special:AdvancedReviewLog]] -> AdvancedReviewLog
[[Special:ValidationStatistics]] -> ValidationStatistics
[[Special:StablePages]] -> StablePages
[[Special:OldReviewedPages]] -> PendingChanges
[[Special:ProblemChanges]] -> not configured on test wiki

Proposal A:
[[w:Special:AdvancedReviewLog]] -> PendingChangesReviewLog
[[w:Special:ValidationStatistics]] -> PendingChangesStatistics
[[w:Special:StablePages]] -> PendingChangesPages
[[w:Special:OldReviewedPages]] -> PendingChangesForReview
[[w:Special:ProblemChanges]] -> PendingChangesTagged

This alternative can only work if we can make these changes specific for enwiki's Pending Changes implementation. If not, we'll have to come up with something shared with classic "FlaggedRevs". Proposal B may work for that:

Proposal B:
[[w:Special:AdvancedReviewLog]] -> ReviewLog
[[w:Special:ValidationStatistics]] -> ReviewStatistics
[[w:Special:StablePages]] -> StablePages
[[w:Special:OldReviewedPages]] -> ChangesForReview
[[w:Special:ProblemChanges]] -> ProblemChanges

This task is about evaluating whether we're going to make the change, and if we are, making the change.

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We've done everything we're going to for now, until such a time as we fork Pending Changes from FlaggedRevs