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eqiad: 3 VM request for ML team etcd
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Site/Location: EQIAD
Number of systems: 3
Service: ml-etcd
Networking Requirements: internal network
Processor Requirements: 1 core
Memory: 3G
Disks: 1x20G for /
Other Requirements: Row diversity (each machine on a different row)

Machine names: ml-etcd1001 - ml-etcd1003

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Please use row B and D and either of A or C for the third instance (the latter is fairly full, while the former have ample space).

Legoktm triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 27 2021, 9:27 PM

$ sudo cookbook sre.ganeti.makevm --vcpus 1 --memory 3 --disk 20 eqiad_B ml-etcd1001.eqiad.wmnet
IPv6: 2620:0:861:102:10:64:16:200
MAC: aa:00:00:ef:5f:2d

$ sudo cookbook sre.ganeti.makevm --vcpus 1 --memory 3 --disk 20 eqiad_C ml-etcd1002.eqiad.wmnet
IPv6: 2620:0:861:103:10:64:32:115/64
MAC: aa:00:00:39:8b:7d

$ sudo cookbook sre.ganeti.makevm --vcpus 1 --memory 3 --disk 20 eqiad_D ml-etcd1003.eqiad.wmnet
IPv6: 2620:0:861:107:10:64:48:61/64
MAC: aa:00:00:c4:e7:ec

All machines are now base installed (puppet-runs done with insetup).

Resolving per last comment. Feel free to reopen though!

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