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Publish special 20th Birthday logos on DIP pilot wikis
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Should we try proposing some special birthday logos for our pilot wikis? For example French could look like this:

image.png (967×1 px, 434 KB)

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I liked the similar one on white background used by @Jdrewniak on Portals more (red/green blindness, general look & feel etc.)

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 8 2021, 1:45 PM

How would we go about this? Is this something we can implement ourselves, or should we prep them for our pilot wikis and have @sgrabarczuk work with the communities to implement them? I'm assuming the latter, so maybe the next step would be to set up some logos for the pilot wikis. That leaves the question of - what do we do for all other wikis.

I'm assuming the latter

You're right, IMO :) They could be asked if they wish to change their logos. They might choose to set those up just for their own 20 anniversaries, not earlier.

That leaves the question of - what do we do for all other wikis.

For instance, we could send them a message explaining how to put the logos with the wordmarks and taglines?

@alexhollender - looks like we all agree this is a good idea. Assigning to you for a few basic birthday logos. Once we have a few options we can start sending out some messages.

Declining. Unfortunately didn't get time for this.