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Donatewiki should automatically show es-419/pt-br content instead of es/pt in Latam countries
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This isn't crucial, as we can make sure to pass es-419 as the language code in email links which is the bulk of traffic. But I don't know how much or even if that code is used in browser settings e.g. for the people coming from sidebar links. So it would be nice if donatewiki could be somewhat smart about this.

See also pt / pt-br

I wonder if hacking MediaWiki:Lang is one way to do this?

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Simply hacking MediaWiki:Lang won't work as that doesn't have any awareness of the country.

It's ugly but I think we could make a new template which wraps {{int:lang}} and pass {{{country}}} to it every time for the LATAM switching. But would have to replace all usage of {{int:lang}} which is used a lot and annoyingly isn't tracked in WhatLinksHere

Dropping this to Low priority, I can't really see getting to it before the campaigns.