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Announce Reply Tool's availability as beta feature at "Phase 6" Wikipedias
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This task is about making volunteers at the "Phase 6" Wikipedias aware that the Reply Tool is available to them within Beta Features and where + how they can go about sharing feedback and questions they have about the tool.

Phase 6 Wikipedias

WikipediaShort code

Announcement contents

  • What functionality the Reply Tool offers people
  • When and how the Reply Tool will be made available to them
  • Where they can go to learn more about it
  • Where they can go to share feedback and questions about the Reply Tool

Announcement timing

The announcement will have ideally happened on 1-February-2021, the date on which the Reply Tool became available. [i]


  • Announcements are made at the ===Phase 6 wiki making volunteers aware of the information in the ===Announcement contents section above

i. T272639#6793562