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Create in line replies
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As an Android App TalkPages user,
I want to reply directly to someone within an ongoing conversation
and see the reply inline

Example of this can be found on Beta from the Editing team's Talk Pages project.

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LGoto triaged this task as Low priority.Feb 1 2021, 5:13 PM
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Do you know who can I ping for a question regarding the API they are using on the beta page? Just curious about do they have an API of appending text on a specific line in a section or they just use the action=edit with a combined wikitext.

cooltey added a subscriber: sdkim.

cc @JTannerWMF @sdkim

Looks like on the Beta page, each comment contains a commentid, and the commentid will be used in the action=discussiontoolsedit to submit an inline reply message.

<span data-mw-comment-start="c||2021-02-17T17:25:00.000Z||2021-02-10T22:37:00.000Z"></span>

The page/talk API does not contain the commentid in every reply, which means we may need the Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog team to update the API.

commentids are generated by the comment parser, a piece of code that lives in the DiscussionTools extension (and is implemented twice in PHP and JS). Currently the content APIs will not return content with these IDs as we add them with a page hook.