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WikiEditor toolbar's redirect button generate wrong redirect text.
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This problem first found on local Help desk on Thai wikipedia on 29 Jan 2021. I tried to figure out where is this come from but no luck, and I also test on English wikipedia using same method and it work just fine.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go toสวัสดีครับ&action=edit&uselang=th and edit using editing tool (2010 wikitext editor).
  2. Click on articleRedirect button (one like this)

Actual Results:

  1. It append #เปลี่ยนทาง,#REDIRECT [[ชื่อหน้าเป้าหมาย]].

Expected Results:

  1. It should append #เปลี่ยนทาง [[ชื่อหน้าเป้าหมาย]] which is a localized version of #redirect [[]].

PS. Sorry for my poorly English, Please ask if something I've written isn't clear.