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cumin alias relforge matched 0 hosts
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Subject: Output of systemd timer for '/usr/local/sbin/check-cumin-aliases'
Alias relforge matched 0 hosts

Likely related to T272444: decommission relforge1001.eqiad.wmnet and relforge1002.eqiad.wmnet? cc @RKemper

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Legoktm created this task.
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This will stop alerting when T262211 is resolved and relforge1003,1004 are in service. The alias is just a pointer to the elasticsearch::relforge role, so nothing further needs to be done once the role is applied.

Ryan, I'm assigning this over to you since you're working on those hosts, but feel free to either leave it open or dupe it over to that ticket. The only impact in the meantime is a couple emails a week to root. If you think it'll be a long time before the new hosts are set up, we can disable the alert for the relforge alias, but otherwise I'm inclined to leave it.

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T262211 is still open .. BUT T241791 is resolved and therefore:

2330 # New relforge servers T241791 (provision), T262211 (service impl.)
2331 node /^relforge100[3-4]\.eqiad\.wmnet/ {
2332     role(elasticsearch::relforge)

closing this as resolved