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Schema change for dropping defaults of ipb_timestamp and ipb_expiry
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Part of T42626: Standardise type of timestamp database fields (MySQL) and T230428: Migrate tables.sql to abstract schema

  1. ALTERs to run:ALTER TABLE ipblocks ALTER ipb_timestamp DROP DEFAULT; and ALTER TABLE ipblocks ALTER ipb_expiry DROP DEFAULT;
  2. Where to run those changes: all.dblist
  3. When to run those changes: At any time
  4. If the schema change is backwards compatible: Yes
  5. If the schema change has been tested already on some of the test/beta wikis: Tested in beta cluster.
  6. if the data should be made available on the labs replicas and/or dumps: Yes, data in this table is public.


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s6 progress

  • labsdb1012
  • labsdb1011
  • labsdb1010
  • labsdb1009
  • dbstore1005
  • db2141
  • db2129
  • db2124
  • db2117
  • db2114
  • db2097
  • db2095
  • db2089
  • db2087
  • db2076
  • db1173
  • db1155
  • db1140
  • db1139
  • db1131
  • db1125
  • db1113
  • db1098
  • db1096
  • db1093
  • db1088
  • db1085
  • clouddb1019
  • clouddb1015

Altered one host in codfw, leaving it for the weekend before going for one in eqiad.

Altered db1098 and db1096 in eqiad. Will leave them running for a few hours to make sure nothing breaks

s1 (enwiki) needs to be done host by host

s1 eqiad

  • labsdb1012
  • labsdb1011
  • labsdb1010
  • labsdb1009
  • dbstore1003
  • db1169
  • db1154
  • db1140
  • db1139
  • db1135
  • db1134
  • db1133
  • db1124
  • db1119
  • db1118
  • db1106
  • db1105
  • db1099
  • db1084
  • db1083
  • clouddb1017
  • clouddb1013

Schema change started on s3, it will take around 15h

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All done