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Include MediaWiki:Randomlexeme in the Wikibase Lexeme extension
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Problem: We have MediaWiki:Randomlexeme locally defined on Wikidata. This makes it difficult to translate the message, as each translation must be manually included on a subpage by an administrator, and forces external installations to do the same locally.


lexdata-en.png (194×306 px, 16 KB)
lexdata-qqx.png (230×317 px, 19 KB)

Acceptance criteria:

  • The Wikibase Lexeme extension introduces the interface message MediaWiki:Randomlexeme by default.
  • The default content of MediaWiki:Randomlexeme in English is Random Lexeme.

Open questions:

  • The name of this message is based on that of MediaWiki:Randompage, but a different one could be defined.