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Develop targeted training modules for musicians
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A campaign for musicians ca be done with this training modules.

Produce missing instructional material on Wikimedia Commons (alternatively translations), identify which musicians we want to work with when they need more support, offer musicians practical guidance and training.

Event Timeline

Can be a call for this in the video for Wikimania: T287848

Can also be a part in coming application to Kulturbryggan with the main theme "music from Johan Helmich Roman": T287863

Next meeting with Musikverket around April 2022, to check status in our organizations and keep contact. WMSE invites to the meeting.

@Tore_Danielsson_WMSE Was there any final report/product that should be linked to from this task? Or can this be resolved

This task was not developed mostly due to the pandemic. The problem are not so much instructions on commons but how to solve copyright issues when recording with professionals. This could also be a task if there are a new project (focusing on material from musicians). Task not mentioned in the report.