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Implement SliderCaptcha in ConfirmEdit
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Our current CAPTCHA system is broken. It is easy on bots but hard on humans. I proposed ReCaptcha by Google but that would violate WMF privacy policy.

I found another solution called SliderCaptcha. Basically the way this works is that upon saving/creating an account/etc., a popup with an image and a puzzle piece appears on screen. Using the slider, the puzzle piece must be moved in the correct place. Similar to this mockup, except that the CAPTCHA can also be done in English:

SliderCaptcha mockup.png (1×1 px, 386 KB)

The code is MIT licensed so it should not be too difficult to implement on ConfirmEdit.

Something similar is already used on TikTok and Genshin Impact and appears to be somewhat effective at stopping bots in their tracks.

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I do not know how I ended up creating two tasks from one click, but that appears to be an error. Can this task be deleted @Aklapper?

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