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Muted video player unmutes itself
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Take a video with sound, e.g. c:File:Protesters fighting against OMON police with snowballs.ogv. Upon loading the page, right of the loudspeaker icon there are three bars, indicating 100% volume. When I click on the icon, the bars disappear, indicating 0% volume. At this point I expect no sound when I click play. But when I do, the three volume bars appear again and sound is played at full volume.

Work-around: when, after loading, I drag the volume bars to zero, no sound is played as expected.

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Hi @Bdijkstra, thanks for taking the time to report this! Which web browser, which web browser version, on which operating system is this about?
I'm wondering how to enforce the old Kaltura player to be used/displayed these days.

I tried with an .ogg file on Commons (in order to get the Kaltura player), but cannot reproduce. Firefox 85.

I also tried an .ogg file (although muting an audio file before playing is a weird use case), same behaviour.

Web browsers on Windows 10: Opera 73, Chrome 88, Firefox 84
Web browsers on Ubuntu 20.10: Opera 57, Vivaldi 3.3

To enable Kaltura: Preferences - Beta features - New video player (tangent: I have the new player disabled because it doesn't remember the caption settings.)

Jdforrester-WMF subscribed.

Mass-Declining all open tasks about the Kaltura audio/video player, as that code is no longer used and has been deleted. See T306971 for more information.