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NULL in stack frame causes SVG to be unreadable
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Trying to view, Chromium reports:

This page contains the following errors:
error on line 2012 at column 23: Char 0x0 out of allowed range
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

(It similarly fails to render on Firefox.)

The offending value is:


The NUL separator between class@anonymous and the path is the problem, as that's not valid inside XML text.

It's not yet clear to me whether the NUL is supposed to be there or not. If it is, our options for fixing this are:

  1. Have Excimer convert it to a different value when emitting the frame.
  2. Have arclamp-log convert it to a different value when writing the log entry.
  3. Have escape it (possibly as <![CDATA[) when generating the SVG.

I'm leaning towards a combination of 1 and 2, assuming this isn't a bug in Excimer and/or PHP.

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Related, but not quite the same issue: T245295

Looks like the NUL is part of the name (according to PHP), and it also confuses things like exception stack traces:

Excimer already has a special case for closures: I think it should probably do something similar for anonymous classes, on the assumption that non-ArcLamp users of Excimer will likely run into this issue as well.

Deploying a fix to either sanitize the arclamp-log output and/or quote the output is probably also needed, and will be a quicker/easier intermediate fix.

Possibly noteworthy that Speedscope seems to be able to render this OK:

Krinkle added a subscriber: Krinkle.Wed, Feb 3, 1:47 AM

Ack, hot fix for makes sense, to be upstreamed as well. Seems generally a good last place to tolerate/defend against it. Preferably tolerating as DWIM, but I can also see upstream preferring to reject/fail. But both are better than what it does now, which is basically invalid XML/SVG.

Change 664600 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dave Pifke; owner: Dave Pifke):
[performance/arc-lamp@master] Replace non-printable characters with '?'

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Change 664600 merged by jenkins-bot:
[performance/arc-lamp@master] arclamp-log: Replace non-printable characters with '?'

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-02-22T16:26:28Z] <dpifke@deploy1001> Started deploy [performance/arc-lamp@1f3bce1]: Deploy ArcLamp fixes for T273565 and T273640

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-02-22T16:26:35Z] <dpifke@deploy1001> Finished deploy [performance/arc-lamp@1f3bce1]: Deploy ArcLamp fixes for T273565 and T273640 (duration: 00m 05s)