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Adjust edit count bucketing for CodeMirror in Grafana
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Add changes from to the respective Grafana board so that existing panels work again.

TBD: Define which metrics should be split by edit count bucket, and do that in the board.

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lilients_WMDE set the point value for this task to 1.Feb 3 2021, 10:04 AM
awight set the point value for this task to 1.Feb 17 2021, 9:40 AM
Lena_WMDE changed the point value for this task from 1 to 3.Wed, Apr 28, 8:29 AM

I added a bar chart and a line graph with the focus on edit count to the toggles section and to the sessions section each. I also added $editCount as a variable to all charts.

Because the preference metrics are not available (see, this section will need to be adjusted later on.